Atlantic Hall, the perfect space of wood, stone, and pixels for your events...

Looking for a meeting room in the heart of Tarifa? Need a private space for your event?

At Tarifa Tower, you’ll find great wine, even better ham, and a versatile space that adapts to your needs. From an open hall with an 80-inch plasma screen and high-speed internet to a fully-equipped TV studio with press management included if desired.

The Atlantic Hall allows your company, family, or friends to have a dedicated team and a personalized space made of wood, stone, and pixels, ensuring the success of your event. We can even broadcast it live in a TV format. What more do you need?

Parking available 50 meters away, taxi stand at the door, all in the heart of Tarifa. Check availability on the calendar here.

Would you like to reserve any of our spaces?

Contact us, and a personal advisor will guide you through the entire process to make your event simply unforgettable.